This Award is presented to an outstanding individual during a ceremony at our Biennial Conferences.

We started this tradition in 2010 at the Biennial Conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

It is inscribed with the date and name of the reciepient as you can see above. It is a great honor bestowed to special women that accomplished great deeds for women and children in particular.

Mrs. Lydia Wong Ling received the award from our WCI President Caroline Adair Dimmers

Mrs. Ling started her volunteer work at the women's league agains Cancer in 1971 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In 1995 her family founded the Ling Foundation which has given 110 scholarships to Brazilians to take post-graduation courses in Brazil and abroad. She is chairwoman of the Women's League against Cancer helping women and children wtih prevention and treatment of Cancer through personal volunteerism and donation of funds. We are in awe of Mrs. Ling and are very thankful to her for contributing in the fight against Cancer.





WELCOME CLUBS INTERNATIONAL'S PURPOSE is to unite a worldwide network of independent international women's clubs around the world who share a common goal of cross-cultural interaction through friendship and understanding. 


Washington DC Parade of Nations participants 

WCI is an international organization founded in 1986 that unites individual women’s clubs throughout the world.
WCI coordinates and facilitates the exchange of information and activities of its clubs and their members.

Its mission is to promote friendship and understanding among women of all nations without regard to political, cultural and religious differences.

It is not a club; it is a corporation. It does not fundraise, or promote any charity; it is non-religious and apolitical. WCI is an all volunteer non-profit organization consisting of over 25 clubs having 12,500 members.

Greetings from Welcome Clubs International! 

Welcome Clubs International offers a unique opportunity available only to International Women’s Clubs. It acts as your Club’s window to the world by enabling your Club and its members to communicate with and establish friendships with Clubs and women worldwide.

The mission of WCI is to unite independent International Women’s Clubs around the world by sharing the common goals of international cultural education and relations. WCI’s purpose is to provide services and a forum for International Women’s Clubs where ideas are exchanged and lifelong friendships are developed. Each member Club functions independently.

Joining WCI is a simple process. A Club must subscribe to the principles of WCI: promoting friendship and understanding among women of the world in an environment free of discrimination and prejudice.

With modern science and technology, each nation and each person has effectively become closer. Even remote regions have become our neighbors. Although each culture and each person in every country views the world from a different perspective, we all want a peaceful and harmonious world.

Communication is the first step toward compatibility. Women, with tender fingers, kind hearts, and love for all human beings, have a special role. We learn from each other by sharing ideas and opinions. We extend our hands in friendship and enhance mutual understanding with kindness.

We invite your Club to join our family of Sister Clubs, so we can work together to achieve our goals of promoting the well being of humanity.

Best wishes for success! 


Caroline Dimmers,
Welcome Clubs International President